Keeping fit during the holiday season

Check out this great interview with Sports Nutrition Expert Rebecca Marks Rudy on Kashi’s frozen line. Rebecca has been working with on our Eat2Win Team for four years and has impressed us consistently. Her thorough and innovative approach to working with clients has led to many successes across all sorts of finish lines.


MindBodyGreen: As winter approaches, we want warmer, heartier foods, and salads don’t always fit our bodies’ cravings. What are some healthy lunch options for the winter?

Rebecca Marks Rudy: If it’s something warm you are craving, try using a sandwich press. It’s a good way to make use of healthful leftovers, as well. Heat up a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce on whole-grain bread and serve with a side of soup—anything from hereButternut Squash to Campbell’s Select Harvest Italian Style Vegetable. Another good option is to invest in a crock pot. Throw together a bunch of vegetables, spices, and a lean protein, such as chicken (or focus on beans and legumes if you’re vegetarian), and a simmered meal is yours without a lot of effort. Package into portion sizes for the week. Lastly, if you don’t have the time or energy to prepare your own meals, you could opt for a frozen option such as Kashi’s frozen line, offering a full range from entrees to pizzas to pocket sandwiches.

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