Cold weather training clothing: Run (or hike)

It’s that time of year, especially in northern climates. This past weekend I had the good fortune to get out on a great hike in cool temps near Stowe, Vermont. A 4 mile climb to the top of Hunger Mountain, the hike affords great views of the White Mountains to the east and Green Mountains and Adirondacks to the west. The hike was also a great form of cross-training and a break from the monotony of running and lifting. At, we recommend that all of our coached athletes partake in some form of cross-training in the off-season as it’s a great break, both mentally and physically from the demands of triathlon training.

I see a lot of people out training and exercising at this time of year in some interesting choices of clothing. Having had years of experience training and being active in cold climates, I feel pretty confident in my ability to dress for the weather. For example, this weekend I wore a single base layer and weather proof shell at the start of the hike then removed the shell as my body temperature rised and put the shell back on at the summit when it was much cooler. Reverse on the way down.Having lived with world-class Norwegian nordic skiers, I was introduced to Torbjorn Sinballeover ten years ago and have been a huge fan since. Triathletes will recognize their Ironman distance athlete, Gore Windstopper Gunde Boxer . On the hike Sunday, I wore the Active Run Jacket, Prozero short sleeve top and the Torbjorn Sinballeundershorts. Triathlon Coach Lee Gardner is also a fan of Craft but likes Sugoi Midzero Zoe Knicker as well for his winter training in Colorado Springs, CO. His choice for cycling jackets is the Firewall 220 Jacket:

For the ladies, Triathlon Coach Regina Hammond recommends the Sugoi Midzero Zoe Knicker for its fit and functionality:

There are many options for cold weather clothing. Finding the right fit and the right product for your needs just takes some trial and error. Once you’ve found it, however, your winter training will be a much more enjoyable experience. Stay tuned for our next installment of cold weather bike clothing.

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