Weight loss: Strength in Numbers

One of our clients at Trismarter.com, working with Triathlon Nutrition expert Rebecca Marks Rudy, has been very successful in his weight loss efforts. I rarely get involved in the minutiae of each client’s work with his or her triathlon coach or sports nutritionist but this client had an interesting observation to share with us and it’s created a bit of buzz at Trismarter.com.

The client has been working on improving his diet, cutting out less optimal foods and making changes to lose weight and get in better shape. In fact, he signed on together with his wife and the couple has been quite successful. The client happens to work in the financial industry and is a very analytical person. Essentially, he modeled his weight loss based on daily caloric deficit and then plotted that against his actual weight loss on the scale. Check it out:


This is exactly the kind of stuff that gets us excited around here! We’re looking forward to working with this client on his weight loss and triathlon goals well into the future.

The Trismarter.com Tri2Lose and Weight Management for Peak Performance Programs have been previously featured in Triathlete Magazine. Check out that article here.

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