And then there were 3…

We’re down to three major IM events in the 2009 season in the northern hemisphere:
IM Florida, November 7
Longhorn IM 70.3 Austin, November 22
Foster Grant IM 70.3 WC, November 29

as well as 2 70.3 events:
Longhorn IM 70.3 Austin, October 25
Foster Grant IM 70.3 WC, November 14

Our Training Fuel Strategies and Race Day Preparation Services would go well in the training for any Ironman event.

These services offer:

Carbohydrate loading meal plan based on optimal macronutrient composition
Analyzed meal suggestions for pre-race dinner, snack and breakfast
Timing recommendations for food and fluid intake prior to the race start
Fuel and hydration strategies appropriate for each discipline according to distance
Phone meeting to review plan with your Sports Nutritionist

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