Ensure for Triathletes?

A recent surfing session on the meal replacement Ensurelanded me on a thread regarding the meal replacement Ensure. The issue was whether or not Ensure was more or less “sugar water” and if it might actually be something worth drinking for recovery from a workout or race.

My last post was about how great I think forums like this are and this thread just highlights that point. Here is the most recent reply to the “Ensure” thread:

“Out of all the products I see on the shelf sitting with the Ensure, IMHO,
Ensure beats them all. After looking at what is put in the drinks…Ensure
doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup with in the first couple ingrediants.
I’ll take straight sugar over the corn syrup any day. Before a workout or
race I can’t eat solid food so Ensure gives me everything I need.

FYI…There isn’t anything grown or made that doesn’t have sugar in it.
Bananas, carrots, beets….everything has sugar. sugarstacks.com uses sugar
cubes to show how much sugar is in different items. It is interesting.”

There’s good stuff here. Lots of the issues we work on with clients at Trismarter.com are questions just like this. Sports Nutrition can be confusing for lots of people, especially wading through all the marketing hype and fads that are constantly blasted online and in magazines.

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