Do triathletes have time to pick their own vegetables? Strategic Manager Jennifer Vaughan coaxed me into spending part of my afternoon picking fresh, locally grown vegetables at the Intervale Community Farm yesterday. Located in Burlington, Vermont, the farm offers annual “shares” of different sizes and coordinated pick-up dates. The majority of the vegetables are pre-picked and you just load up your basket and go. However, the green beans, cherry tomatoes, berries and flowers are “pick-your-own”. While we foraged, I wondered if this option would ever gather the critical mass to become widely available or if it would continue with pockets of local, cult following. Would people accept the trade-off of local, organic freshness for time-consuming, low-level physical work?

Perhaps a happy medium is the farmer’s market model like that of the Union Square Greenmarket or the Burlington Farmer’s Market, both personal favorites. 

I wonder if many other triathletes rely on this option for their produce and what their experience has been…

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