An unhealthy diet nearly ruined this runner’s career

It pays to speak with a dietitian.  At least that’s what Anthony Famiglietti, a former U.S. National Champion and 2004 Olympian in the steeplechase, recently learned as was reported by Joe Battaglia on

“If I told you what my diet was, you wouldn‘t believe me,” Famiglietti said.  “I never ate fruit during the day, ever.  I never ate any vegetables besides tomato sauce on pizza.  It was ridiculous.  I was the antithesis of a runner, an anomaly.  When I raced in Beijing for the first time, I ate McDonald’s every day for two weeks because I didn‘t like the food in the cafeteria.”     

After years of living unhealthy, Famiglietti’s body was finally breaking down. When he returned to Flagstaff, unable to shake his persistent exhaustion, he ran into a friend who happened to be a dietitian.  When he explained how he had been feeling, his friend immediately pointed to his unhealthy diet being at the root of the problem.  The frightening nature of the experience shook him to the core and prompted a complete overhaul of his lifestyle.  His new holistic physical and spiritual approach has resulted in a competitive resurgence that has the 30-year-old running among the nation’s elite across a variety of distances on the road and track.

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