Finding a triathlon coach

It’s hard enough deciding which race(s) to enter and train for, which bike and wetsuit to buy and which sports drink or bar to take. Then comes the all-important decision of finding the right triathlon coach. Some prefer to create their own training programs and I have come across a few individuals over the years that do well with this self-coached method (with the excel files to prove it!). Others join a training group and fill in the holes as needed. Still others prefer to have an expert create a tailored program just for them based on their needs, strengths and weaknesses andĀ professional and personal schedule. Finding a coach you work well with can be a challenge. My favorite coach database is available on A recent addition is available hereĀ on Both are excellent resources for locating local and online coaches.

I’d encourage anyone searching for a triathlon coach to initiate a discussion with the coach. Learn as much as possible about his or her background both in terms of participation in the sport and education. Being a personal trainer or an Ironman finisher or a former phys ed teacher does not, in my opinion, qualify one to coach people to compete in triathlons. Find out what makes that person uniquely qualified to be coaching you and why you should be paying them your hard-earned money. Do they make themselves available to answer your questions via phone or do they just direct you to their website for “more information and rates”? Are they professional and courteous? Do they have experience working with individuals such as yourself? How does he/she propose to work with you on your training program? Bottom line, please be selective and don’t go with the first coach you make contact with. Do your homework. Feel free to contact us if we can help.

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