NYC Triathletes and Cyclists: Cadence NYC to close!

Since its opening in 2007, has been the official Sports Nutrition partner of SBR NYC in TriBeCa as well as the flagship location in Philadelphia. Along the way, we’ve helped dozens of Cadence clients achieve their goals with our expertly customized Eat2Win services-from U.S. Marines to age-group champions to physicians. These clients most regularly enlisted our Weight Management for Peak Performance and Comprehensive Training Diet Analysis or Menu Planning Solutions services. 

Sadly, Cadence announced last week that, in light of the current recession and challenges on Wall St., it would be closing the NYC location. Read the press release Jack Rabbit. I am disappointed to see the TriBeCa location close after touring the impressive facility during renovation and construction and dropping in for espresso at their in-house cafe whenever I was in the neighborhood.

What this means for the NYC clients, only time will tell. Seems like they’ll have to either find a new shop (Toga, SBR, Jack Rabbit) or make the trip to Philly. As for the coaching services offered by Cadence, clients can continue with a remote option or find something locally such as Enhance Sports. Alternatively, for those training for the upcoming NYC Triathlon, our training program , at $49.95, is the perfect solution. will continue to serve as the official Sports Nutrition partner of Cadence Philadelphia.

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