Boston Marathon 2009: My Nutrition.

As a Boston native the Boston Marathon has a special place in my heart. When I was a little kid my parents would bring me and my brother to the top of Heartbreak Hill and we would give out oranges and water to the runners (….maybe that means that from an early age I knew the importance of nutrition and hydration?!?!).  As a college student at BU I lined Beacon St. with the masses and screamed for every runner from the lead pack, to Will Farrell and all of the ordinary mortals en route to an extraordinary accomplishment.

Last year’s 3:40 marathon was an acceptable time but a terrible race— went out to fast, as so many first time Boston runners do, and the Newton Hills just chewed me up. This year’s 3:34 was a personal best but most importantly an enjoyable race from start to finish!  Thanks to my Italian momma my pasta dinner the night before had me well fueled. “Nothing new on race day”- I stuck to my white pita with peanut butter, banana and Gatorade breakfast and took my PowerGels at each hour mark, rotating water and Gatorade during the course as practiced. On top of it all, as my coach always says, I “behaved.” “Behaving” as a marathon runner means holding back. It means running the first 5-10K in 8:40 pace when you want to run 7:40 pace! I held back in the beginning and ran stronger and stronger through the second half. I fed off the energy and was able to truly appreciate the cheers of the 9 year olds handing out orange wedges and the 19 year olds handing out Bud Lights!

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