NYC Triathlon training plan update Coach Lee Gardner and I are just putting the finishing touches on our beginner/intermediate training plan for the NYC Triathlon. This plan is designed specifically for athletes who have busy schedules and are either competing for the first time or have completed one season of triathlon (our Tri4Life coaching services are a better fit for more advance triathletes).

The plan is chock-full of NYC-specific workouts and details that will come in handy on the day of the race. We’ve also thrown in lots of expert sports nutrition advice from our Sports Nutrition team and video demonstrating proper form and technique. Unlike some of the organized training groups this season, the plan is also a perfect solution for anyone in NYC training for olympic distance triathlon that has not worked with or a coach, regardless of the event (see Alternatives post for other races in the area).

Priced competitively, this is your best bet if you’ve thrown down the $225 just to get to the starting line. Check back in here for more information (or contact us today) on how to get ahold of your copy!

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