NYC Triathlon Course “Fly-Over”

For those of you registered for the 2009 Nautica New York City Triathlon, this page is a must. Utilizing Google Earth technology, you’ll be able to preview the entire course including the swim in the Hudson River, cycle out-and-back on the Henry Hudson Parkway to Gunhill Rd. in the Bronx and run finishing in magnificent Central Park. 

For example, here is a fly-over from what promises to be the most difficult stretch of the 10k run:


The beauty of this technology, especially on a course like New York City, is that it allows the athlete to prepare without actually spending time on the course. Let’s face it, swimming in the Hudson River is never fun. Nor is cycling on the West Side Highway… Follow the link above and give this some time if you plan to compete on July 26. You’ll thank us after the race is over.

 Stay tuned for more information on the NYC Triathlon training plan.

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