Tri2Lose: Train for a triathlon to lose weight?

That’s right, lots of everday people are beginning to train for triathlon to lose weight. Some have 50 pounds to lose, others just want to find the former athlete that they left behind in high school. Having a medical interest in weight loss, a degree in nutrition and a passion for the sport of triathlon, the idea to create a program that guides people to the finish line of their first triathlon came to me while on a run in Central Park about six years ago. I decided to call the program Tri2Lose. What we do is simple–choose a race that’s novice-friendly, educate on healthy diet principles and create a customized nutrition program working with a registered dietitian from our team, then begin working with a coach to build fitness and maintain weight loss as the waistline shrinks…

In our third year, has had great success bringing the “average Joe” into the sport, along the way shedding pounds and adopting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle with participation in the sport as a driving force. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of hearing from our dozens of Tri2Lose success stories. Local sprint triathlon to olympic distance to IM70.3 to full ironman, it has been exciting and rewarding to watch the progression.

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